Children and hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is hugely efficient in reducing the spread of the new Coronavirus.

As adults, we are aware of this and have it within reach most of the time.

Kids aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness, and thorough hand washing isn’t always their top priority. How to engage kids in using it safely and effectively?

Not only during the pandemic time, but parents should always talk and teach their kids how to properly wash their hands.

When using hand sanitizer, it is essential to help them understand the quantity necessary for their tiny hands. The suggestion is to apply a small amount to your own hands and then rub it on your children’s hands.

Teach them to rub it between the fingers and to not forget their thumb! It is also important to rub the alcohol hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds. To make it fun, you and your child can sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, or the ABC’s while they scrub—both songs are about 20 seconds long.

As schools start reopening, one good measure is to add a hand sanitizer with your kid’s meal kits; that way, when they open their lunch boxes, they will be reminded to clean their hands before eating.

Kids are incredibly resilient and learn very fast. We can see by various viral videos of children explaining in their own way what the Coronavirus is and how to avoid getting it. They might come with tons of different explanations, but they are usually aware that it is a little germ that makes loved ones sick.

How do hand sanitizers work?

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